At Templeton Designs we pride ourselves on being flexible, no matter what your design needs, we will find you a design service that fits. We also strive for transparency in our fee structure so that you know what you are paying for.

Our Fees

At Templeton Designs, we use a one-price-for-all model for our fee structure. Please contact us and we would be pleased to work out an all-in price which incorporates any meetings, consultations and designs.

A deposit will be required for commencement of any design requiring more than 10 hours of work. We bill for all requested revisions.

Garden Coaching
Drafting Services
Conceptual Master Plan
Technical Plan
Project Management
Services for Contractors

Our process will usually include three consultation meetings.

We start out with a visit to your property so we can get to know each other and discuss your landscape design needs. We will determine what services are best for you. This is, also, when we develop design concepts and get the creative juices flowing. We will use our Landscape Wish List as a tool during this meeting to ensure we are covering all of your needs. Get a head start by visiting our Landscape Wish List. We will collect site measurements and photos so we are prepared for the next design steps. We will give you a rough estimate of the time and cost to get to our second meeting.

At our second meeting we will present a design to you and discuss our design decisions so that you will fully understand what we are presenting. We will note any changes that may need to be made. We will give you another estimate at this time for the time and cost for requested revisions. For larger projects we may require more than one interim meeting to discuss revisions or technical aspects of the design.

At our final meeting we will present you with your completed design.

Do you just need some advice? Our garden coaching service is designed to give you solutions to your garden woes. We can cover design questions, plant selection, plant care, pest control, lighting advice, irrigation advice, suggestions for sustainability and much more. After our initial consultation we will put together a short report that will address your garden concerns.

We offer drafting services for clients who simply need drawings for acquiring building permits.

With our conceptual master plan you will receive a scale drawing that outlines all of the design elements we discussed in our initial design consultation. You will receive a plant list and plant package with coloured images of the plant selections. Most contractors will be able to install your landscape from this stage.

With our technical plans you will receive a conceptual master plan as well as technical information for plan implementation. This may include dimensions, material calculations, material price estimates, construction details, construction material selections, furniture selections and plant care information.

Take the stress out of it! A lot of projects require a variety of different professionals to bring the design to fruition. With our project management we take on the task of organizing and monitoring the complete implementation of the design.

We offer special services geared for landscape contractors, if you would like more information please contact us.